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Laura Harrod-Green

I love understanding people and helping them to improve their lives.  I have been practicing energy healing since 2000, I achieved the Diploma in Oriental Bodywork from Morley College in 2009, and I have been practicing Vortex healing® since 2008.  In 2015 I achieved the highest possible level of Vortex healing® training.   For more information and to book (please mention Spark): Telephone 07956 877583 or email l.harrodgreen@yahoo.com                     

Tui-Na massage

Relieves minor ailments, such as headaches, stress, tension, muscle aches, stiffness and pain.

Thai Massage

Rejuvenates and energises the whole body through a series of stretches, much like assisted yoga.

Vortex healing ®

If you like reiki, then you'll love Vortex® healing.  It’s a divine energy healing which is designed specifically to help awaken us out of the illusion of separation, to the truth of ourselves as free beings without pain and suffering.

Unwinding the fascia (Vortex ®)

Gentle and subtle technique for releasing tension, pain and injury by gently holding the body in its tension

pattern and letting the connective tissue (fascia) unwind itself.

Angelic Heart (Vortex ®)

Transformative healing that shifts stuck energy patterns and opens up new possibilities in life.

Energy Healing

Hands on healing that works on the body’s energetic systems and chakras, bringing balance and harmony to body and mind.  Can include inner child, angelic, past life, sound healing and intention alignment.

Core Realisation

Uses enquiry and body work to access the core of ourselves by unlocking emotions and unconscious blocks which keep us in stuck patterns of behaviour.