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Ciara Byrne

I have always had a keen interest in the body and mind and how one influences the other. A stressed mind can result in a stressed body and vice versa. This has led to my training as a Swedish massage therapist and a yoga teacher. Through both of these avenues I have been able to gain deep insight into how the body works, and how to relieve stresses in the body and to calm the mind.

I am qualified in level 2 and level 3 Swedish massage from the London School of Health and Beauty, which included much hands-on experience as well as the theory of physiology. Using a person-centred approach to massage therapy I allow for a Swedish massage based on an individual’s needs and requirements. Recognising that each person is different and everyone has different goals makes my approach to therapy bespoke to the individual.

Swedish massage promotes relaxation and well-being, encourages good circulation, and boosts the immune system. A regular massage can help increase flexibility in the body, and reduce pain. Swedish massage also works on muscles, ligaments and nerves in the body. A massage can create a sense of balance and harmony if feeling anxious or stressed in your life. It can also help to balance a healthy sleeping pattern, and energy levels in line with the natural ebb and flow of your own body.

Each new client will have a consultation with me on arrival at their appointment. Any concerns or questions can be addressed prior to your appointment if you wish either by email or telephone.

I can be contacted through the following details (please mention Spark):

Email: ciara_a_byrne@hotmail.com

Tel: 07503 550987