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We cold-press for superior nutrition and taste. Compare us to long-life juice in supermarket fridges e.g. Innocent (and we’re not owned by a cola company!).

Fresh orange or watermelon juice

Blended Juices and Smoothies

ABC   Apple, beetroot, carrot.  Optional ginger

Beet it   Beetroot, kale, carrot, mint, lemon

Tropical   Pineapple, apple, coconut water

Cool it   Cucumber, mint, spinach, carrot

Vitamin C Boost   Pineapple and Orange or Mandarin

Refresher   Orange or Mandarin, apple, banana  

Popeye   Spinach, avocado, apple, lime  

Popeye+  A popeye plus cucumber

Energiser   Apple, carrot, ginger  

Puma   Pomegranate, orange or mandarin

Zinger   Carrot, orange or mandarin, ginger

Milkshake Strawberry, banana, or both

Meal in a cup  Oats, banana, milk

Thirst Quencher Watermelon, strawberry, mint

Invent your own  (don’t blame us if it tastes rubbish!). Base of Apple, Carrot, Mandarin/ Orange, or Pineapple plus two ingredients of your choice

Shots Wheatgrass, Beetroot or Ginger  

Boosters Pea protein, spirulina or maca root.

Food (Monday-Friday)

Porridge  until 10a.m. Choice of toppings: apple, banana, cinnamon, honey, raisin, strawberry

Homemade fruit and oat bars Coming soon

Juice/ Smoothie/ Soup Detoxes 3 days £89 or 6 days £159

Please email info@FindMySpark.co.uk for more details or to book a detox

Pamper Package

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