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Danielle Barnett

Welcome. My name is Danielle and I provide high quality and effective soft tissue therapy and injury rehabilitation as well as offering a regular deep tissue, full-body conditioning and a pregnancy and post-natal massage service.

Whether you are troubled by neck tension or suffering lower back pain, recovering from a recent or an old injury, wishing to improve flexibility, feeling the discomforts of pregnancy or simply wanting to unwind and de-stress, each of my sessions is developed specifically in line with your treatment goals.

During sessions, if appropriate, I can explain what I find, helping you to more effectively understand and manage your own condition. I place great importance on evaluation through touch to accurately identify and manage lines of stress.  

If you are suffering with musculoskeletal pain, or have a specific remedial issue, I work to identify and correct any underlying postural causes and determine what other factors may be contributing to your complaint.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something more general, I offer regular deep tissue massage: A full body conditioning for those who wish to maintain good overall well-being, keep on top of minor aches and pains and generally unwind and relax. Soft tissue therapy is not only suitable for injury rehab and prevention it is also key to keeping your muscles soft, supple and strong. Tensions within tissues are evident to the touch and for that reason they can be accurately identified and managed. Evaluation through touch helps guide my work. Your entire body is worked on, freeing up areas of restriction and tension, keeping you flexible, and generally improving your overall physical condition. This helps to encourage good posture, allows you to move more easily and keeps in check minor aches and pains before they get the chance to develop into full blown injuries. On a regular basis these sessions are an excellent way to keep you feeling at your best.

I’ve worked successfully with a wide variety of people, from elite athletes through to 60-hour-a-week office workers suffering from postural complaints. I’m a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss how these sessions can best help you. You can telephone 07533 212342, or alternatively, email me at danielle@dkbsportsmassage.com and please mention Spark.

Discounts apply when regular or block sessions are booked.
Gift vouchers are available.